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Full Version: Ha, ha, ha... If it isn't Sonic!
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Way to go, Knuckle-head!

The fate of Station Square depends on me.
We did it! Let's go, Amy!
Now, this is the beginning of the greatest empire of all time!
I have six of them, they're mine!

Did I ever tell you, that Shadow is a Robot?
Get rid of these pests! Show them what you've got!
Heh, give it your best shot.
Some nerve promising what you ain’t got.

I betcha you’re the ones who took Chocola-Chao!
Did you see it? Where is it now?
That's the same monster I saw the other day.
Hey, we can't let him get away!

I thought that the capsule you were in exploded in space.
If that's what you thought, you should've given me them in the first place!
Metal Sonic has finally transformed!
Gee. I'm bored.

Vector, take care of this rock.
Just leave that to me, doc.
Very well, if that's how you wanna play, I will take it from you!
I'm going to try my best, too!

Argh! Hey, no fair!
Who are those creeps over there?
This time there’s no way out of marrying me!
Hey! It’s just a stupid copy!

We never turn down work that pays!
I'll find Eggman and put a stop to his evil ways.
Guess that Eggman was a fake after all.
Time to rock and roll!

She never gives up, does she?
But what about our money?
I can pay handsomely.
Keep your hands to yourself; don't touch me!
Come on, tell me you weren’t scared!
What’s the matter? You’re only half way there!

What’s this? But how?
You tell me why you want it. Now!
Please, Mr. Robot. Won't you help us, please?!
Yeah, you know our policy!

A trap to stall for time.
Hey! That’s my line!
Please be careful with our only clue..
But why can’t I defeat you?

Anytime you want a rematch, just let me know.
Because, we’re SONIC HEROES!
okay look if anyone else decides that this is not good enough to get SONICQUOTER out then I will personally beat them down
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