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1: THOU SHALT NOT BE RETARDED. Spewing random crazy stuff here and there is fine if you're doing it for fun, but if you really are that much of an idiot, or you're just fucking immature all the time, you aren't wanted.

2: THOU SHALT FLAME IF YOU'RE PISSED, AND RIGHTFULLY SO. In keeping with the spirit of free speech, flaming, whether it be serious or a joke, is permitted, so long as it doesn't get out of hand.

3. THINE ADMINISTRATION ARE MOSTLY ASSHOLES. They'll pick on you for any or no reason. Get used to it.

4. THOU SHALT NOT USE MAINSTREAM FREEMAIL PROVIDERS IF YOU WANT IN. Most of the AOL-speaking idiots we don't want here use those e-mail addresses, so registration with Yahoo, AOL, MSN,, etc. is blocked. There are several ways around this without paying any money, but if I told you, that would ruin the point.

5. THOU SHALT NOT SPAM. EVER. Spam includes nonsensical off topic shit, one-liners with no point, making your own personal topic to post mindless shit in (aka "owning a topic"), flooding the chat, and posting a shitload unnecessarily trying to gain DX status. These are just some forms of spam, but common sense should fill in the blanks for you.

6. THOU SHALT NOT TROLL. Trolling means posting stupid shit that you KNOW is going to piss everyone off and start a flamewar. Never do it.

7. THOU SHALT RESPECT THY FELLOW USERS. This basically means use some courtesy and consideration. Marking pornographic posts with "NWS" (not work safe) or "18+", keeping most topics dial-up friendly, keeping your sig size down, and letting someone else's topic die when they lock it are a few examples.

8. THOU SHALT NOT BUMP OLD-ASS SHIT. If a thread has been inactive for a week or over, or it's disappeared from the first page of the board, then it's a good idea to let it rest, or people won't be happy.

9. THOU SHALT NOT USE LAME I-MADE-THIS-IN-3-MINUTES-USING-MSPAINT RECOLORED FANCHARACTERS. Let's say you have a Sonic-Team fancharacter like a lot of people in the community do as your avatar. If it's hand-drawn or otherwise originally made, that's fine.

If you took a sprite, or a character off some box art or a website, and changed the colors around and maybe threw in a cape or some bangs of hair or a gun, then we have a problem. You may like it, but to us they're shitty and make you look like a fool. Some people are exempt from this rule, but you're probably not one of them.

10. THOU SHALT READ THE IDIOT'S GUIDE BEFORE POSTING, GOD DAMMIT. Chances are if you've read through these and have a question, it's answered in "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Posting on SCARZ". This is like a second set of rules. Fucking read it now or die.

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